Welcome to Dr. Barbara Mitra’s Blog. I am a Senior Lecturer in Media and Culture (previously Media and Cultural Studies) at the University of Worcester. This blog is about anything to do with Media and Culture which may of interest to students of Media Studies, Communication Studies and Cultural Studies and anyone interested in these kind of issues. Enjoy.

Pokemon Go

Like it, hate it, or don’t know what it is – Pokemon Go is certainly global and it is an emerging medium that will change how we engage with media. Merging real life places with augmented reality to find Pokemon,  means that previously tied to computer gamers are walking – some of them miles if my son is anything to go by – to find various Pokemon, have battles with others and identify fellow Pokemon Go players. 

Is it just a clever marketing ploy – or is it actually changing the future of our interactions with media? 

See the CNN article about Pokemon Go


Will the New Star Trek TV Series ‘Boldly go’ where it hasn’t gone before?

Star Trek has been written about for challenging stereotypes and pushing boundaries – in relation to both race and gender.  The new series in 2017 will be available on television in the U.S. and in Canada (it will be available on Netflix for international audiences). The article below highlights debates around whether Star Trek is still pushing boundaries in relation to the character Sulu who is shown in a same-sex relationship and as a parent. A bold move or not? Will the new series ‘boldly go’ where it hasn’t gone before? 

Link to article by Christine Gallagher about Star Trek

Should jousting be an Olympic sport

Over the years there have been questions raised about what should and should not be included in the Olympics which raises deeper questions about what is considered to be sport. Some of the definitions of sport include such things as competitiveness and athletic activity requiring skill – and of course there have been discussions about why some things are left out and others included. There have been discussions about whether yoga should be included or why some martial arts are not included. The link on my Facebook page below is about whether jousting should be included! 

The Doctor Who Daleks and the search for new antibiotics

The Dalek that stands guard in the reception area of BBC Broadcasting House has found to have some helpful bacteria in the swab and send project.

The project asks people to take samples from their environments and to send them off for analysis in the hope of developing new antibiotics.

Clearly the bacteria on this Dalek have not been exterminated.

You can read more about this in the online article 


Ads promoting unrealistic body images banned on London Transport

From next month, according to the BBC, Sadiq Khan, the new mayor of London has pledged to ban advertisements that promote unrealistic body images on tubes, buses and trains in London. What do you think? Should such images be banned in other places as well? Do such images create anxieties about how we look? (Just one of the many different kinds of issues we explore in relation to Media and Culture)

You can read the BBC article by clicking on this link. 

How good is your grammar?

I saw this on the BBC website and thought you might find it useful/entertaining.  Suffice to say that English is  a language that seems (to me) to be full of contradictions. I see my children spelling things incorrectly because they sound correct – the joys of phonics (which didn’t work for me. I had to learn spellings by rote and memory)!

Follow the link below – if you can bear it (definitely not bare it)!!